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My EPSON printer won’t print and has ink

In EPSON printers, the print head is the part that is responsible for printing and is located in the printer. On it we normally install the ink cartridges.

Sometimes it can happen that despite having the cartridges loaded with enough ink, the printer does not print, or it does it badly or it takes a blank page.

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There are several reasons that may be causing our printer not to be able to print, despite the fact that the levels show ink:

The ink levels displayed by EPSON Status Monitor are approximate. That is, it is possible that the printer is telling us that there is ink left and in reality there is no ink left inside the cartridge. It is likely if we see an ink level below 1/3 on the gauge.

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The print head nozzles may be clogged. It will be a very likely option if we haven’t used the printer for a long time. To solve it we will have to clean the print head.

     When installing the new cartridges in the printer we have forgotten to remove the yellow seal from the cartridges:

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The cartridges have been installed in the printer for a long time and the ink is not in optimal condition. The manufacturer recommends using the cartridges within 6 months after they are installed in the printer. We will have to replace them with new ones.

If your printer is an EPSON EcoTank, on some models you have to reset the ink levels in the printer after filling the tanks:

 Access the menu Settings – Maintenance – Reset ink levels

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