10 days easy and fast return

  • Customer can request for the refund without any issues within the 7 days of the product delivered to the customer. No questions will be asked from the customer if he/she requests for the refund. Customer can send the email on billing@itgeeksquad.com or contact us on phone to submit the request for the refund.

Note :
If the product is damaged or defective, customer can click the picture of the photo of the product and can return/ship the product back to us. Attachment size must be under 2.5MB and if it is more than 2.5MB, customer can send the attachment to support@itgeeksquad.com.

Once we receive the faulty product and it is confirmed that the product is defective, full refund including the taxes and shipping will be refunded back to the customer’s original payment method. However, if the customer wants to change the refund account details, they might do it by sending the request for the same over the email or by contacting our representative via phone support. For example, if the product is for $50 usd including taxes and shipping, a full refund of $50 will be credited back in the customer’s account.

When you return any item, the refund amount you can check the payment method that was refunded and the status of your refund in Your Orders.

If you don’t have any products eligible for support at this time. Support is available for products like cameras, laptops, printers and other electronics.

For missing items/accessories :

If the item that you have ordered is not complete or doesn’t contain the exact accessories as displayed, you can request for the refund for the same. Also, our first priority will be to send the missing item to you for free.

For incorrect/wrong shipped :

It is one of the rare cases wherein we come accross the situation for the incorrect item shipped or delivered. However, if we do come accross this situation, we can either initiate the full refund or dispatch the item whichever if available and applicable.

Refund Method Refund Time (After Refund Is Processed)
Credit card 3-4 business days
Debit card Up to 10 business days
Bank account 5-7 business days

Check status of your refund request(s) :

  • Customer can check the real time status of the refund under your order history.
  • We try and display the exact live status of the refund/exchange of the product that you have requested.

Exchange Product :

Once your product is more than 7 days old, you will get the option to exchange the product under your orders.

  • If you are unable to see the order that you are looking for, you can select the date when you have ordered the product.
  • You can select the item that you wish to exchange and we would really like to know the reason of the exchange as it helps us to improve the quality and we also get to know the product better.

Important Note : If the item that you are requesting to exchange is less than your original product’s cost, we will refund the difference and if the amount is more than you must pay the differnce in the amount in order to make the purchase successful.